Sunward Refractories
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   Furnace    Construction


In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, our group progressively researches and develops whole new refractory materials and premium construction techniques. Our goals are that make our construction to be mechanization, automation and safe construction and offer inexpensive furnace designs to achieve the goal of save energy and expand the life time of furnaces.

Sunward provide our clients the designs and refractory materials of variety industry furnaces, which include;
● The design, planning and refractories separating of furnaces.
● The installation, construction, and supervise work of variety furnace refractories.
● Refractories design and technical service of construction.
● The analysis and technical services of furnaces’ heat equation simulating.
● The technical services relate to refractories.


Construction of furnace’s arch bricks.   Construction of Cylinder furnace.   The gunning of EAF Roof.
Construction of the regenerator of glass furnace.   Ramming.